FREE Competition worth £150! Win an annual sub for matched betting.

FREE Competition worth £150

FREE Competition worth £150! Win an annual sub for matched betting.

There are two questions that people always ask me when I tell them about matched betting.

  1. Is this a scam?
  2. Isn’t this just gambling?

Realistically, there will always be a large proportion of the population who will completely dismiss the idea of making money online using matched betting websites, and some people just won’t entertain the idea of any sort of gambling which is fine.

But matched betting is not a scam and it’s not gambling.

If you check the below image from a twitter feed from people who use the matched betting company, it shows consistent evidence that matched betting is a genuine money making opportunity from a large number of users.

#iaccumulated matched betting free competition

#iaccumulated matched betting free competition

So don’t be a sceptic.

However even if you are a sceptic -> you now have the opportunity of free membership if you enter this free competition!

A years membership costs £150, and as you can see demonstrated on the above image you can make a hundred times this amount in profit in a year so this a free competition that is a real no-brainer to enter.

How to enter the free competition?

1. Make sure you join the Your Beer Fund Facebook Group

2. Follow Your Beer Fund on Twitter

3. Retweet the embedded tweet below;

4. Share the Facebook Post 

5. Invite any of your friends who might be interested to do the same, for more chances to win!


It’s that easy! 🙂

Get entered and you’ll be entered into a prize draw – good luck!

NB: If you join up before the winner is announced, you will get refunded your join-up fee!

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Interesting in making risk free money with your sports bets this season?

 If so – check out our article series on how to make money online sports betting -> Get started with matched betting. Learn how here. 


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Steve is dedicated in making extra money, saving money and using these extra “beer funds” to live the life he wants. He has always had an entrepreneurial streak and continues to be on the lookout for any side hustles to help him achieve his goals. Alongside this he loves most sports, including football, darts, horse racing and MMA and is somewhat unfortunately a life-long supporter of Blackburn Rovers.

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