How to become a mystery shopper for free

How to become a mystery shopper for free

How to become a mystery shopper for free


Everyone knows what a mystery shopper and mystery shopping is.

However not everyone knows how to become a mystery shopper with a good reputable company.

We all get random spam emails in our junk folders and promoted messages in our Gmail accounts inviting us to try mystery shopping.

You know the ones.

The ones that try to convince us to click on them with their click-bait ad’s.

They promise us lots of money if we sign up to their service which in all probability, results in nothing more than receiving an absolute shit tone of unwanted spam – and god know’s what else happening to any of our personal details we enter in these sites.

So although I had heard of mystery shopping I was always hesitant of getting involved with it.

That is until I came across Red Wig Wam.

Red Wig Wam was recommended to me by a friend who was already using them. She was earning half decent pocket money from doing mystery shopping every month with them so I decided to give it a go and see what would happen.

Initially I had to fill in an application form and say what skills I had to offer and filled in my details. Then I waited for the free money to come in.

How I made £90.25 in August by doing this alongside my normal shopping


A couple of week’s had past and I had heard nothing more from Red Wig Wam.

I had put being a mystery shopper to the back of my mind when I received an email with my first job offer!

Red Wig Wam - You got the job!

Red Wig Wam – You got the job!

My first job as a mystery shopper was to do a simple product check for a new range of Innocent fruit juice drinks that was recently launched in Waitrose.

My job was to take a picture of the products and check they was displayed correctly as per the job brief sent to me by Red Wig Wam.

Although I must admit did feel like a bit of a weirdo at first taking a picture of Apple Juice with my mobile phone in a supermarket – this literally took me 2 minutes to do while I did some normal shopping.

The next part of the task I could do at home.  It was to take a picture of the receipt and upload this image together with the picture I took earlier of the products and submit my time-sheet on the Red Wig Wam’s site.

This took probably about 5 minutes to do once I found my USB cable to upload the pictures to my PC from my mobile – Although I have since found you can do this easily straight from your mobile phone with the Red Wig Wam website.

So for about 7 minutes work, I got paid a £7.25 fee + £1.00 to purchase the Innocent Juice drink.  An easy £7.25 in the bag and a free drink, cool.

The job offers started rolling in

Once I had successfully done my first mystery shopper job for Red Wig Wam the job offers started rolling in.

I believe they probably want to make sure your not a flake and will do some of the jobs they offer before they start really rolling out the job offers to you which is fair enough.

Next up was a trip to Morrison’s and a walk-around with a brief to take pictures of any special promotions they have on offer and to take pictures.

While doing my normal shopping there, I snapped pics on my mobile as I went up and down the aisles and was paid £10.00 for doing this!

In my mind this was a nice tenner discount on my shopping that day as I did literally nothing apart from snapping a few pics for that task.

I then accepted what turned out to be a very good gig which involved making a trip to various Morrison’s branches in my local area.

The brief was to take a picture of the new Aunt Bessie’s ice cream range that had just been launched. I was to make sure they was correctly stocking the new Jam Roly Poly, Lemon Meringue and Rhubarb Crumble flavours, take a pic and purchase one of each of the new flavours.

For this I was paid £5.50 plus an extra £9.10 to purchase the 3 flavours, for a total value of £11.90.

Aunt Bessie's ice Cream

Aunt Bessie’s ice Cream

The great thing was that I got to do this at 3 different Morrison’s stores!

I had about 2 weeks to complete this, so what I did was do this as part of my normal shopping, and to just pop into the needed remaining branches when I was going past on my normal travels at some point during the week so that I didn’t need to go out of my way.

Online Mystery Shopping


A frequent job they have to offer is to do an online shop at a supermarket like Asda.

You are asked to purchase certain things for which they will give you the money back for. I’ve bought all sorts of food doing this.

The last thing I bought was dog food and I don’t even own a dog – but one of my family members was most welcome of the free dog food!

For doing the online orders you get paid a £6.00 fee and obviously get to keep whatever products you buy as part of the job brief free.

There is a minimum online order of £25 at Asda but I just treated this like a normal shop that I was getting a great £6 discount on together with some free products and made the order for collection the next day.

You can get the online order delivered for about a £1 depending on the time-slots picked but I just found it easier to pick it up while I was going past, saving money on delivery.

You get to try interesting new products

As part of being a mystery shopper you get to try all kinds of interesting new products.

Some interesting products I got to try include a new premium Bol Salad Jar from WH Smiths;

Bol Salad Jar

Bol Salad Jar

And gourmet live Brownlee Russian fudge yogurt from Asda which was really nice!

Brownlee live yoghurt

Brownlee live yoghurt

So you do get to try out lots of new and interesting products while mystery shopping and to top it all off I basically got paid to eat them. Awesome. Being paid to eat isn’t a bad job at all!

August 2016 Profits from Red Wig Wam

In total during August, I was paid/received products to the value of £90.25 which is not bad at all for just one month!

red wig wam completed jobs and timesheets

Red Wig Wam completed jobs and time-sheets

You get paid on a weekly basis via BACS straight into your bank and there’s no minimum threshold that you have to earn or anything.

Just whatever you earn you get into your bank weekly.

So if you want to get started with becoming a mystery shopper, I’d definitely recommend you give Red Wig Wam a try!

Get started with Red Wig Wam!

Get started with Red Wig Wam

Get started with Red Wig Wam

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How to become a mystery shopper for free

How to become a mystery shopper for free



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