Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review

Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review

Match Catcher from Profit Accumulator

Match Catcher from Profit Accumulator









          Value for money



            • Very fast odds comparison, scans with incredible speed and accuracy.
            • Saves alot of time and increases profits
            • Fully customisable filters
            • Set audible alerts to inform you the second a match is available
            • Match catcher works on all devices, PC, Tablet and Mobile
            • Enhanced customer support for this product
            • FREE Accumulator software once complete
            • FREE Football option to be added
            • Can purchase even if you don't have a PA subscription


            • At the moment is only for offer races, so not possible to use it to mug bet normal races. But then again we should not be taking close matches for mug bets.
            • No football offers available just yet, although that is due to change
            • It finds alot of arbs, so make sure you all try and resist the temptation! These can be easily filtered out though.
            • Effectiveness reduces very close to a race but that is due to the odds jumping around at the bookies constantly

            Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review

            Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review – by Steve Talbot of Your Beer Fund 

            Over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to take part in the closed beta test of Match Catcher, the new Channel 4 racing software from Profit Accumulator. This meant I got to try out first hand the new software for free and along with the other testers give my feedback and recommendations in how I’d like to see the finished product look and perform.

            As such I’d like to share my experience with this software with a product review of Match Catcher from Profit Accumulator, and allow the readers of Your Beer Fund to evaluate if this will be a worthwhile product for them to purchase to aid them with their matched betting.

            If you’ve not seen it, the software has been fully launched and is available to the public now, you can purchase Match Catcher from Profit Accumulator now with this link. 

            Match Catcher Overview 

            Anybody who is a few months into their matched betting journey will know that jumping on the horse racing offers at the weekend, as well as midweek ones, can be very profitable to your bottom line.

            Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review

            examples of horse racing offers available now

            Almost every major bookie now offers some variation of the same offer. Usually a free bet or a refund of between £25-£50 if your horse finishes in a certain place in the race. (Either 1st, 2nd or sometimes 2nd or 3rd).

            If you want to make consistent monthly matched betting profits in the range of £1,500+ a month, horse racing refunds are a critical part of being able to reach that range of profits.

            But as you’ll know if you’ve ever attempted horse racing refunds it can very easily take up hours of your time especially on Channel 4 Saturday’s if you want the best matches and the lowest qualifying losses for your bets.

            Trawling through the bookies and the exchanges – even having several bookies on one screen in tabs and the exchange on the a second monitor which is what I did prior to Match Catcher – can be really time-consuming as you wait for the lay odds to get close enough to the back odds, in order to find a decent match for the race you want to bet on.

            The odds for horse racing refunds can be very volatile. Just when you think you’ve found a good match – by the time you’ve compared the odds on the bookie and the exchange, calculated your bets using the matched betting calculator and got it set up ready to bet with the right amounts in both bet boxes, suddenly the odds change and it’s not a good bet any-more.

            Or worse, your lay bet only part-matches as the odds shift and you have to piss about at the last-minute and try to rectifying the situation with the tricky bet calculator and incur an even greater qualifying loss.

            The fact is the standard oddsmatcher software just isn’t fast enough to keep up with the rapid pace of horse racing, as the feed is often over a minute at least behind what is actually happening at the bookie and the exchange. By the time you bring up the right race, the odds have changed, and your chance of a refund has gone down the swanny.

            What is Match Catcher?

            Match Catcher is a new piece of stand-alone software from Profit Accumulator that makes horse racing refunds easy.

            No more trawling through the bookies and exchanges trying to find close matches, Match Catcher does all of that work for you.

            It scans all of the eligible races, outputs the best matches for you with incredible speed and accuracy, and provides a direct link to the market, allowing you to place your bets faster than ever.

            What does Match Catcher do exactly?

            It scans all of the eligible offer races, anything with a free bet or refund attached to it and with a rapidly updating feed brings up all the latest close matches for those races in almost real-time.

            You can choose using customisable filters exactly what combination of races you want to see matches for giving you complete control and enables you get matches in each race that you want.

            If the matches are there, this software will find them, in almost real-time.

            You can filter the odds, market availability and input a maximum qualifying loss to filter out any results that are not close enough matches for you allowing you to keep your qualifying losses in most cases below £1.00, or at worst £1.50 per £25 stake or whatever your maximum qualifying loss will be for you.

            In the results matcher, it automatically updates with new matches and shows all the relevant data that you need right there in front of your eyes on one screen. The horse race, the horses name, the bookie, the exchange, the back odds, the lay odds, the qualifying loss and even how much money is available in the market at that price on the exchange.

            It gives you everything you need, including direct links to the market of the bookie and the exchange for the match you have found and it even tells you how much to lay so there’s no need to waste time punching in numbers into a separate calculator.

            In short it helps you to get your bets placed faster than ever before.

            On-top of that you can save matches that you are keeping an eye on. If there a horse that’s close in odds but not close enough just yet, this software allows you to track this.

            You can also set up alerts, both in the software and audibly to notify you when the matches are found that fit your criteria so that you can quickly get your bets on as soon as the match is available. So if your waiting for a close match at the 13:45 at Lingfield with Ladbrokes for example, you can set up an alert to notify you when a match is found for that which fits your criteria.

            You don’t even need to watch the screen, just sit and wait for it to audibly alert you.

            You can even set up multiple alerts to fully control which bookies and races you get alerts for to fully customise your search, which is something I pushed for during the beta testing. I’m pleased that this was taken on board and now this makes things so much easier for me.

            For example, If I’ve already done most of my bets for Ladbrokes on all races and only need a match for Lads in a certain race – but I still want to see all the rest of the bookies for all the races -> then this can be easily set up with the filters and alerts. Matches for Ladbrokes will now only show for that one race while matches for all the other bookies will show for all races. This is perfect for when you’ve already got some bets on and want to filter out results and certain bookies for races that you don’t need any more but still need for the other bookies.

            You can then see all the matches for all the races that you need at that time, all on one screen, with no results showing any-more that you don’t need or want to confuse things.

            How can Match Catcher help me?

            Match catcher is the ultimate tool for horse racing refunds.

            It has two main priorities;
            save time and money with match catcher

            save time and money with match catcher

            1. Save Time

            Match Catcher finds all of your bets for you and alerts you when they're found. It provides you a direct link to the race, and even tells you how much to lay. No need for a separate calculator.
            match catcher increases profits

            match catcher increases profits

            2. Increase Profits

            Match Catcher helps to keep your qualifying losses low, whilst helping you get matches on more races. That means smaller qualifying losses, but more chances of refunds.

            This Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review has found without doubt that Match Catcher helps to keep your qualifying losses low, whilst helping you get matches on more races. That means smaller qualifying losses, but more chances of refunds.

            How much does Match Catcher cost?

            Match Catcher is an extra subscription and is a totally separate piece of software to what is available to normal Platinum members of Profit Accumulator.

            It costs £9.99 a month, or you can get a cheaper rate and get more benefits by doing the yearly option for an upfront fee of £115 per year.

            Buy Now button

            how much does match catcher cost

            how much does Match Catcher cost?

            • For PA members that are not interested, this is totally optional to purchase, and this software is also available to non-PA members. You don’t have to be a member of PA to purchase this software. It is the same price for both members and non-members.
            • PA have also confirmed if they add football in later to this software, your price will not be affected if you buy now – The football was tested while I took part in the beta test and it worked well for the small markets it was tested on, I can only imagine how great it will be when that is implemented on a full-scale.
            • If you buy Match Catcher on the yearly option, you will also receive the new ACCA software for FREE when that comes out. I haven’t seen this software but if it’s anything like Match Catcher it will make accumulators very easy.
            • If you buy the yearly option, you will also lock-in that price in terms of renewals. You won’t ever be faced with any price hikes!
            • Once the ACCA software is released, Match Catcher will no longer be available for purchase on its own (monthly or yearly). It will only be sold as a “Platinum Plus” subscription on PA, which will include both Match Catcher and the ACCA software. The price for this is yet to be determined but is likely to be more expensive than if you buy it now.
            • There is also a 14-day money back guarantee on this product. So if you try it, and don’t like it, you can get your money back with no quibbles.

            The verdict on Match Catcher

            Profit Accumulator say, Match Catcher makes horse racing refunds easy – after testing the product in this Match Catcher Profit Accumulator product review I have to agree.

            Got limited time? No problem; it set alerts for races that you’re missing, and Match Catcher will alert you when an acceptable match is found.

            That means less time staring at your screen, and more time spent making money.

            As a beta tester, and someone who regularly does the horse racing refunds every week as people often see in the Facebook Group, I can hand on heart tell you that you will make back the cost of this easily, so realistically it’s costing you nothing.

            There is no software out there on the market that does what this does. It resigns the oddsmatcher as an old relic in comparison.

            If you value your time and want to seriously take match betting to the next level, then this is the hassle-free ultimate weapon in your arsenal. There’s a 14 day money back offer. Put it to use this Saturday on the Channel 4 racing and you will see the power of this. I feel the price is rightly justified, in fact amazing value, and will free up a load more time for you to pursue other offers or just have to yourself and your family.

            The software is generally profitable by reducing qualifying losses, but also by reducing the time it takes to find a good match (as you can catch them between quick changes much easier) which means you can move onto other offers.

            After all, time is money!

            At the end of the day when you break it all down, you only need to save £0.32p per day on qualifying losses to pay for a yearly sub! (£115/365 then round it up).

            Indeed it only takes 3 or 4 of the regular price boosts that are posted daily on the PA forum that make you £2 or £3 each a month to pay for the yearly sub.

            When you think of it like that, if you do matched betting, it would be silly not to buy Match Catcher! I already have!

            Match Catcher Testimonials

            See below real members feedback on this product and decide for yourself;

            match catcher member testimonials

            Match Catcher member testimonials

            match catcher forum members testimonal

            match catcher PA forum members testimonals

            Match Catcher PA forum members testimonials


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            If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post these below. Have you signed up for match catcher or matched betting after reading this match catcher from Profit Accumulator product review? 


            This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase or register then I might get a commission from that sale at no extra cost to you. All opinions and reviews are my own.

            Steve is dedicated in making extra money, saving money and using these extra “beer funds” to live the life he wants. He has always had an entrepreneurial streak and continues to be on the lookout for any side hustles to help him achieve his goals. Alongside this he loves most sports, including football, darts, horse racing and MMA and is somewhat unfortunately a life-long supporter of Blackburn Rovers.

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