Weekly Wonders #S01Ep01 – Feat. The Walking Dead & Football Manager 2017

Your Beer Fund's #Weekly Wonders! #S01Ep01

Your Beer Fund’s – Weekly Wonders #S01Ep01 – Featuring The Walking Dead and Football Manager 2017

Welcome to a new regular feature from Your Beer Fund – Weekly Wonders

Weekly Wonders – I scour the net for the latest DVD releases, sport games, top reads, money saving deals and more and recommend to you my musts for the week

Your Beer Fund's #Weekly Wonders! #S01Ep01

Your Beer Fund’s #Weekly Wonders! #S01Ep01

Last week I produced a review of Approved Food and their short-dated food model which has gotten some coverage from #zerowaste campaigners, so check that out if your looking to save money on your weekly shop.

This week I decided to come up with Weekly Wonders after often thinking about things that would interest my readers but probably wouldn’t warrant a full blog post on it’s own merit.

So welcome to the first episode of Weekly Wonders !

Anyhoo, without further ado here are this weeks musts…

Must Watch – If you’re like me and love watching US TV series, then there’s a good chance you’re already a fan of The Walking Dead (Series 1-6) 

Series 7 is starting on Monday the 24th of October at 9pm on FOX UK and I can’t wait to see more of new baddie Negan in the new season, and to finally find out who Negan killed?

Which character will pay the ultimate deed for the groups somewhat ‘heel turn’ crime of killing unknown people in their sleep!

With just 1 new episode a week on TV to keep you satisfied – why don’t you binge watch Series 1-6 to catch up and refresh your memories. All 83 episodes from the first six seasons of the US zombie adventure drama based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman are in this The Walking Dead (Series 1-6) box set.

Must Read – Are you interested in the law of attraction? Have you read The Secret already? Then I absolutely recommend you read The Magic.  

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

This book was recommended to me by Emma Drew from the blog EmmaDrew.info on her Money Making Mastermind Facebook group so I went ahead and bought it on Amazon.

The book is structured with step by step, day-by-day, secret teachings, revelations, and scientific law are brought together to form 28 simple practices that open the reader’s eyes to a new world, and lead them to a dream life.

The Magic in my opinion is a good companion to The Secret.  In-fact it’s quite apt that this book is more unknown and thus more ‘secret’ than The Secret but I definitely recommend you to order The Magic and give it a read.

Also, once you have read The Secret and The Magic – if you enjoy them make sure you read the other 2 books in this series from author Rhonda Byrne – Hero and The Power.

Must See – This Argentinian lower league football club was recently ordered to sort out their wonky pitch! Check out that crazy pitch! Have you played on a worse pitch?

Must Consider – Amazingly people are already talking about Christmas. At least get Bonfire Night over and done with first! But if you want to plan early for Christmas then check out this great blog post from Emma Drew on 7 gift ideas for Christmas! 

Must Buy – The new Football Manager 2017 game (£34.99) is released on the 4th of November 2016 but is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

Football Manager 2017 has a host of new features and upgrades including;

  • improving the match experience
  • an option to create-a-new-club and make up your own squad of either made up players or cherry pick them from the best players in the world
  • a new fantasy draft option
  • the introduction of social media to the game.

Fancy keeping the price lower? Then just run 1 year behind the rest (a good strategy really!) and purchase last years game for a big saving with Football Manager 2016 available for £23.99

Must Eat – This week I did a review on the online supermarket Approved Food and buying short dated food to save money on your weekly shop.

You can find some great bargains on Approved Food, for example check this offer of 12 Toffee Crisp chocolate bars for just £2! That’s just 16p a chocolate bar.

If you keep your eye on the Your Beer Fund Facebook group you’ll see some spectacular bargains that I post about that I see from Approved Food, such as the Twix Chocolate Bars from 1p that I posted about last week!

Must Drink – Another top offer from Approved Food. You can buy 24 cans of Diet Coke for £4.99 which is about 20p a can. I’m a big diet coke drinker so I’ll be stocking up.

Must Do – If you haven’t already, and need to make some money for Christmas. Then give matched betting a try to earn some risk free money. If you started now (October 17th 2016), you would be able to make at least £2,000 just from doing all the basic offers by the time Christmas comes around. If you’re not sure what this matched betting is that everyone is doing, check out my article on it here.

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Your Beer Fund's #Weekly Wonders! #S01Ep01

Your Beer Fund’s #Weekly Wonders! #S01Ep01


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