1. What is matched betting?

What is Matched Betting?

What is matched betting?

– Understanding matched betting series part 1 of 4

Matched betting is based on a mathematical equation, and we use the bookmakers free bets to ensure we make money.

But many people do not understand what matched betting is.

They think it’s too complicated.
They think they can’t do it if they don’t like sports or don’t like betting.
They think it is gambling.
They think it is too good to be true.

None of those statements are true, let me explain what matched betting is.

Matched betting is a bet that you can’t lose!

Let that sink in for a moment….

Rocky Marciano, the former world heavyweight boxing champion never lost, and neither will you using matched betting!

Rocky Marciano, the former world heavyweight boxing champion never lost, and neither will you using matched betting!

If you use matched betting, long gone will be the days of flushing money down the toilet on bets with odds that the bookies always set to be in their favour.

Never bet and hope and cross your fingers again hoping to get lucky!

Never bet and hope and cross your fingers again, hoping to get lucky!

Matched betting is a betting technique that has been in existence for some time now. I have been matched betting since way back in 2007.  Check out my matched betting blog which I use to document my journey. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page, and has had positive articles written about it in The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post.

Thanks to matched betting services like this one –  it is becoming easier to do and more and more popular. Lots of different kinds of people, from all walks of life, be it male, female, sports fans, and even people who hate sports are all taking up and enjoying this money-making hobby.

Their matched betting service as at time of writing has well in excess of over 20,000 active members. They all congregate together on their busy premium private forums and discuss the many regular bookmaker offers and the best strategies to extract the most profit on each offer.

People, including me, are now using matched betting as a serious stream of income. For some people this is now their only source of income with a lot of people now becoming full-time matched betters.

Others are reducing their hours at work or going part-time thanks to the regular profits they are making.

On the other hand, some people who have very busy life’s and in a lot of cases well-paying jobs, do matched betting on a very casual basis putting in just a few hours each week and use the extra money they earn to go on expensive holidays every year or buy a new car.

Does this sound and look good to you?!!


Let’s first off explain that matched betting IS NOT gambling.

There are little to no risks involved. Bookmakers are always on the look out for new customers and as a way of attracting new customers they offer incentives to sign up to their sites.

These are usually in the form of freebets and using the matched betting strategies that you can learn about on this site we exploit these offers by placing the required wagers and then cashing out the bonus and winnings with no risk.

The main principles of matched betting is that no matter what happens, you can’t lose!

All outcomes are covered and our profit is guaranteed.

As we all know sport can be very unpredictable. How many times do a home banker bet let you down, due to something like John Terry scoring a last-minute own goal?

Rather than leave things to chance, and trust Chelsea to beat bottom of the table Aston Villa at home like you might do in a normal bet we use matched betting and instead lock-in and guarantee a profit on the game no matter what happens.


- it does not matter which way the results go. We still win!

– it does not matter which way the results go. We still win!

How good does that sound?!


Sign up for the free trial now and earn £45 without even paying a penny.

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